The first E-truck of its kind in Norway, Emma, is about to make its debut on the
roads of Norway.

ASKO TRANSPORT AS will lead the introduction of the DESIGNWERK E-truck, internally nicknamed Emma, to the Norwegian market via a pilot program that will include other transport companies interested in participating in the demo project.

Built on a Volvo-chassis, the Futuricum FH 40E can pull loads of up to 44 tons and is the first E-truck in the world that can charge its large battery during a driver’s break. The internal combustion engine is replaced by four electric motors that provide 680 hp and a battery capacity with 500 kWh. The truck can be charged with an external 350 kW charger in addition to a built-in charger with 44 kW which can be used for overnight charging. A new model of the E-truck with a battery capacity of 1’000 kWh will be ready for the road by the end of this year

The E-truck is developed by Swiss Designwerk under the trademark Futuricum. The Volvo group recently bought sixty percent of the shares in the Swiss company. CHSnor AS – CHSnor, a Norwegian technology company, is the agent and service provider for Futuricum E-trucks in the Nordic market.

We are excited to be a part of this project and look forward to introducing a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option to the Norwegian transport industry.

Kent Ibsen, CEO, CHSnor

Grønt Landtransportprogram is heading up the demo, which is part of a large-scale pilot project for electric trucks and a joint cooperation between the transport industry and the Ministry of Climate and Environment. The goal is to have 100 heavy E-trucks on the roads in central Norway that can be «super charged» at many public charging stations located near main roads or logistics centers in Eastern Norway.

ASKO TRANSPORT AS will lead the project together with many other transport companies. AS TORPA BILRUTER from Dokka is also participating in the pilot project and will drive the test truck, with Tonerud Transport, Br Hansens Transport, Hagens Transport, O Westad & Sønner, Glacio and Engelund Termofrakt as observers. Other transport companies are also invited to join the project.

The goal of this project is to pave the way for public charging stations to expand their capacity in order to service an increased number of large E-trucks. Today, there is no infrastructure for charging large trucks, other than a few charging points on a private basis. Another goal of the project is to achieve competitive costs comparable with diesel trucks of similar size. The project will also inspire energy suppliers to develop efficient charging solutions, vehicle suppliers to deliver E-trucks, municipalities to find plots for charging stations and financial institutions to offer solutions that reduce risk for transport companies in the transition to new, emission-free technology. The Grønt Landtransportprogram was initiated by 26 nationwide organizations and in collaboration with the state, will help reduce climate emissions by 50% in the transport sector by the year 2030

More info about the program: Grønt landtransportprogram – bli med å halvere utslippene (

ASKO TRANSPORT is one of the largest transport companies in Norway within cooled and tempered goods and a subsidiary of ASKO. ASKO is Norway’s largest grocery wholesaler and a part of NorgesGruppen ASA ASKO has set an ambitious goal of no emission in all transport within 2026. More info about ASKOs environmental work: Fokus på miljø | ASKO

Futuricum is the brand of Designwerk Products AG specialising in electric commercial vehicles. The name Futuricum is an homage to the original Zurich-based pioneers of vehicle construction from Turicum (the Roman name for Zurich). It is also a promise for the future and a commitment to high-tech and high-quality Swiss production