About Us

We have more than 30 years of experience in assembly, manufacturing, service and maintenance of lifting equipment, recovery equipment and special equipment for civilian and defence purposes.

CHSnor AS is a supplier of assembling, surface treatment, test/verification and service of equipment. The staff has a solid base of knowledge and competence. All employees are qualified and certified in order to work at the customers location.

Our localization is in Moelv Næringspark in Moelv, Norway. We have modern production facilities that give us capacity to perform work for ourselves and other companies. 

We also have a service and maintenance section performing work on defence and civilian equipment, with the availability to work offshore. 

What CHSnor can do for you: 

  • Hydraulic and hydraulic system design
  • Electrical and electronic design in «E3» programming
  • Mechanical & hydraulic mounting/installation
  • Electrical & electronic mounting/installation
  • Tube/pipe bending/installation
  • Welding
  • Surface treatment as blast cleaning and painting
  • Safety and hazard analysis 
  • Documentation, spare part lists and user manuals 
  • Test and verification 
  • Maintenance and service
  • MS project as project management tool

Our quality management system comply with ISO9001:2015

History and background

CHSnor AS was established by Engineering Support AS and Bulklift AS in 2005 based on job opportunities for offshore operations. As time goes by we have done work for other clients, for instance Øveraasen AS and the Norwegian Armed Forces. We are also a member of TotAL-Gruppen, which is a group of companies working together with projects for the offshore and inland operations, among others. CHSnor AS is also a member of SubSea EastNet. This includes 8 of the companies in TotAL-Gruppen working together on subsea projects. 

CHSnor has the production rights to several products delivered from 
Moelven Mekaniske Industri AS, Hägglunds Moelv AS & Alvis Moelv AS. Contact CHSnor for spare parts to equipment delivered from these companies.

  • Moelven Mekaniske Industri AS were split to marine and defence products in 1987
  • Marine products were transferred to Bulklift AS in 1988 – 89
  • The Defence division was sold to the Swedish Hägglunds Vehicle AB in 1989 as Hägglunds Moelv AS and changed name to Alvis Moelv AS in 2001
  • Alvis Moelv were closed down in June 2004
  • Engineering Support AS started in 2004 based on employees from Hägglunds Moelv/Alvis Moelv AS
  • In 2005 Bulklift started cooperation with Engineering Support AS and they established CHSnor AS


Can CHSnor carry out work at our company location?
Yes we can. All employees are certified to do this.
Who can we contact for technical questions on our project?
Fill in the contact form or call one of our contact persons directly.
Do you charge per hour or on the total project?
We will always have a dialogue regarding the price.
Who can I contact in order to apply for work in CHSnor?
Please fill in our contact form or call one of our contact persons directly.