CHSnor provides the Nordic market with the highly efficient Futuricum e-Trucks.

CHSnor is the Nordic partner of Designwerk for the Futuricum e-Trucks and mobile chargers.

The customized e-Trucks range from 18 to 44 tones and can be equipped with battery capacities between 340kWh to 900kWh. For extreme fast charging the batteries can be charged with up to 350kW at a DC charging station. Optional onboard charger with up to 44kW can be installed.

The Futuricum e-Trucks are equipped with four motors which provide a total power of 680hp. Thanks to the linear torque, the power is put directly on the road in the stop & go traffic. Recuperation of the braking energy allows the drive system to achieve a high efficiency and a long range of up to 760km.

Our electric Trucks demonstrate their superiority day after day on the roads in distribution, recycling, construction, forestry and agricultural logistics.

The easily transportable rapid charging devices can be used with common industrial sockets and cover all charging standards. The charging power ranges from 44kW to 88kW.