About CHSnor AS

CHSnor AS was established by Engineering Support AS and Bulklift AS in 2005
based on jobs for offshore operations. As time goes we have done work for other clients, for instance Øveraasen AS and the Norwegian Armed Forces. We are also member of  TotAL-Gruppen, who is a team of companies working together with projects among others for the offshore and onshore operations. CHSnor AS is also a member of SubSea EastNet.
This includes 8 of the companies in TotAL-Gruppen working together with subsea projects. 

History and background
  • Moelven Mechanical Industry were split to marine and defence products in 1987
  • Marine products were transferred to Bulklift AS in 1988 - 89
  • Defence division was sold to the Swedish Hägglunds in 1989 as Hägglunds Moelv AS and changed name to Alvis Moelv AS in  2001
  • Alvis Moelv were closed down in  June 2004
  • Engineering Support AS started in 2004 based on employees from Hägglunds/Alvis Moelv AS
  • In 2005 Bulklift started cooperation with Engineering Support AS and they established CHS nor AS


Moelven as mechanical division developed and built the first deck crane in 1969. Moelven delivered 60 cranes before the mechanical division was split in 1987

Machinery: De-icer

The De-icer designed and produced in cooperation with SAS.
Moelven Mechanical also designed and produced trailers for the Norwegian agricultural market and mobile cranes (MK 692 - MK 693 and MK 694) in cooperation with Volvo.


Moelven Industries started with designing and                            

manufacturing boggy trailers to the Norwegian army.

From the civil mobile crane production came the competence to design and deliver heavy rescue cranes
for the defence market.

Moelven had a wide range of trailers and rescue cranes when the defence division was sold to Swedish Hägglunds in 1988.


Org.no: 988 522 082

Office Address:
Brugsvegen 13
N - 2390 Moelv Norway
Tel.:+47 452 33 400
E-mail: adm@chsnor.no

Production plant:
Siva-Moelven Industrial Park
Brugsvegen 13
N - 2390 Moelv Norway
General Manager:
Harald Dahl
Phone: +47 971 93 904